On Dec. 19, 2019, attorneys representing the estates of seven victims of the Schoharie limousine crash filed two lawsuits against separate respondents/defendants. A complaint filed in New York State Supreme Court names as defendants: Shahed Hussain, Prestige Limousine and Chauffeur Services, Saratoga Luxury Limousine, Hasy Limousine, Nauman A. Hussain, Malik Riaz Hussain, and Mavis Discount Tire, Inc.

A claim filed with the New York State Court of Claims names the State of New York and The New York State Department of Transportation as respondents.

The claimants/plaintiffs in both lawsuits are Elizabeth Muldoon, as administratrix of the Estates of Adam G. Jackson and Abigail Jackson, Samuel Bursese, as administrator of the Estate of Savannah D. Bursese, Linda King, as administratrix of the Estates of Allison King, Amy King Steenburg, and Mary King Dyson, and Dawn Dyson, as administratrix of the Estate of Robert Dyson.

These lawsuits allege that Shahed Hussain owned and operated the limousine company, and the aliases it operated under, and that he knew of the defects in the limousine that the victims died in on that tragic day in October of 2018. 

It is alleged in the lawsuits that Naumann Hussain and Malik Riaz Hussain had an ownership interest in the company that owned and operated the limousine business. 

The lawsuit alleges that Mavis Discount Tire, Inc., when commissioned to complete repair work on the limousine’s brakes in the months preceding the accident, did not perform the repairs to completion and invoiced for repairs that were never performed. Additionally, Mavis is alleged to have inspected the limousine even though the vehicle was not eligible for the Department of Motor Vehicles inspection that Mavis was qualified to perform. Mavis allegedly proceeded with an inspection anyway, issuing an inspection sticker and representing that the vehicle was “street-legal.”

Lawyers intend to prove through these lawsuits that Mavis fraudulently represented and assisted the limousine’s owner, Prestige Limousine, in fraudulently representing to the public that the vehicle was safe to carry passengers.

“This limousine should never have been on the road.  These lawsuits allege that the owners of the limousine company, Mavis and the New York State received multiple warnings and notices that the limousine was unfit to be driven on the open road and certainly unfit to carry passengers.  This lawsuit and the others filed regarding this tragic crash allege all of these entities knew of the danger.” said Cynthia S. LaFave, Esq. of LaFave, Wein & Frament PLLC who represents Elizabeth Muldoon, as administratrix of the Estates of Adam G. Jackson and Abigail Jackson. “It is our intention through these lawsuits to prove that the defendants named in each of these lawsuits violated their legal and moral duties to protect the public from this kind of preventable tragedy.”

“This tragic crash and resulting loss of life was entirely preventable and was due to the negligence of the defendants involved: the limousine company, the Hussains, Mavis, and the State. The ripple effect from this crash, directly for the many families involved and to the community at large, is continuing to this day and we intend to hold these defendants accountable” said Thomas J. Mortati, Esq. of Martin, Harding & Mazzotti, LLP who represents Samuel Burses as Administrator of the Estate of Savannah Bursese.

“We are seeking some measure of accountability by the parties named in these two lawsuits. It is our belief that they all share a responsibility in creating the conditions which allowed this tragedy to occur,” said Matthew Cocca Esq. of The Law Offices of Matthew Cocca, representing Linda King, the administratrix of the Estate of Allison King.

“In October of last year, 20 people’s lives were cut short. The filings today are a consequence of that,” said Jeffrey Francisco, Esq. of Francisco Law Firm who represents the King family and Adam Jackson. “There is evidence of shared liability and negligence throughout these lawsuits and we intend to fully pursue these lawsuits on behalf of our clients.”

Prestige Limousine allegedly received several warnings and citations, and out-of-service stickers mandating that the limousine was not to be carrying passengers and not to be driven by the driver, who did not have the proper licensure.

“Our intent with these lawsuits is to hold those responsible accountable, to prevent future tragedies, and to assist the family members, some of which are very young children, in dealing with the rippling effects of their losses,” said LaFave.

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