You know it was a long time ago when I took the oath and became a lawyer.  January of 1982.  So, that is what?  34 years this January.  This profession has been tough, causing me and my partners to work long hours and weekends, especially when we go on trial.

But I will tell you without any hesitation that it has been worth it.  We are a strong team and a force to be reckoned with.  We accept the poor and the rich.  We don’t charge the expenses on a contingency case to our clients.  We carry them, and if there is no recovery, we eat them.  Why?  I can’t answer for my partners, though I know that they agree with our policies wholeheartedly.  But I can answer for me. I grew up a poor kid, and my childhood was anything but easy, and in many ways because of that I understand justice or the lack thereof.  So I seek justice for our clients, unrelenting, continually, absolutely.  My partners and I have created this firm to represent ALL people, not rich people.  We want to look at each case on the merits, not whether the client can pay us back the expenses.

We want to represent those who need us the most, the ones for whom we are the last vestige of hope.  We want to represent those injured who have no alternative, in putting their life back together, but to seek the assistance of the civil justice system.  We want to be strong advocates for those who cannot possibly navigate the incredibly complicated system of service, complaints, bills of particulars, discovery, court conferences, negotiations and trial.

This is our chosen work.  We all are proud to be doing this.  Ask our clients, they will tell you.