We are successfully fighting on behalf of sexual abuse survivors

Our firm is dedicated to helping sexual abuse survivors seek justice and accountability. Our philosophy is to always fiercely pursue the rights of survivors, no matter the obstacles. We have compassion, equaled only by our expertise, energy and creativity. We are proud to represent those who need us most.

LaFave, Wein & Frament has teamed up with Jeff Anderson & Associates (home offices in Minnesota) in bringing cases against the Diocese of Albany, Diocese of Syracuse and Diocese of Ogdensburg.

If you were sexually abused as a child, call us confidentially at 518-869-9094.

Know your rights under the New York Child Victims Act

For one year, between August 14, 2019 – August 13, 2020, a child sex abuse victim can start a civil case:

  • No matter how old you are
  • No matter how long ago the abuse took place
  • Even if the claim was too late under the old statute of limitations
  • Even if you sued the abuser before and the case was dismissed because you waited too long
  • Even if a Notice of Claim was never filed
  • Whether you are suing the abuser or organizations or persons that should have done something to stop or prevent the abuse from happening (like a school, an employer, or a place of worship)